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Liberation at its heart is the liberation of the soul

We all seek liberation, we all want something, we all want to be something, & moreover we all want to be able to do everything we can so we can achieve what we want. The problem is inside us lives an unattainable desire for a reason, a purpose to live for, & to die for. Give a man a purpose he can believe in and he will live his life as happy as can be. And yet we find no true purpose to live for amongst this world. Because we possess something far beyond what our senses perceive, beyond the fabrics of this universe. We possess a soul, and this fulfilment or liberation of the soul, needs involvement of another soul of its own kind, this is why loving one another is a good purpose to live by, though not the best one.

In Hinduism, it is believed that the soul is compared to a drop of water and only its liberation can be achieved when the soul is merged into the vast ocean which symbolizes God, the supreme soul. This example shows us how some religions delved into the idea of liberation till reached a reasonable purpose for Life, a liberation of the soul from all purposes, as Rumi said ” You are the entire ocean in a drop.”  each of our souls main purposes is to be merged into God. This way we would own all of the satisfaction a million worlds can offer.

“We Can Only Know Him From Within
For this turning to the Light and Spirit of God within thee, is thy only true turning unto God, there is no other way of finding him, but in that place where he dwells in thee. For though God be everywhere present, yet he is only present to thee in the deepest, and most central part of thy soul. Thy natural senses cannot possess God, or unite thee to him, nay thy inward faculties of understanding, will, and memory, can only reach after God, but cannot be the place of his habitation in thee. But there is a root, or depth in thee, from whence all these faculties come forth, as lines from a centre, or as branches from the body of the tree. This depth is called the centre, the fund or bottom of the soul. This depth is the unity, the eternity, I had almost said, the infinity of thy soul; for it is so infinite, that nothing can satisfy it, or give it any rest, but the infinity of God.” -William Law (1686-1761)