Because we are fighting with time.
you should make the best of it; I found a good way to do so.
I will post something I will learn every day.
There is always something to learn…


Do it as though it’s the easiest even though it’s the hardest

Some deeds require certain capabilities and skills, some deeds require certain ethics and codes, and some deeds require certain emotional traits. But all deeds require a willing soul to transcend and change to the better, the more the soul is willing the easier it is and the smoother it is to the heart. All deeds need a personality that is willing to go outside of its own boundaries into the unknown faraway from the comfort zone they indulged themselves in; and then it is required only of oneself the desire to change; change is the respect of the existence of oneself that the soul wants this existence to be as full as it can be in the world, to fulfil its purpose and journey.
The more you see the perpetuity of our deeds into the endless horizon of eternity, the more it seems easy now not to just execute them, but to execute them with mastery and sovereignty over your actions.
“What we do in Life, echoes in eternity.” Gladiator (2000 film)
“May you live your life as if the maxim of your actions were to become universal law.” – Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)