Because we are fighting with time.
you should make the best of it; I found a good way to do so.
I will post something I will learn every day.
There is always something to learn…



Build the map between the one you want to be and the one you are

Speculation is a wonderful element in the road of enlightenment. Science is equally based on speculation and experimentation. We live a charmed life, trying to grasp the trails of wisdom of Life, trying to live by; boats against the current. We develop many fantasies and dreams about what we will be, what we want to be, what we think we need to be. We look at how to flourish and not how to establish roots; Legends to us are entwined in stories with what they became not how did they strive for it. We all want to be martyrs yet not to taste from their chalices, we all want to be pilgrims without wandering for the pilgrimage, we all want to be heroes without having their valor.

Forgetting that the trophy of the martyr is his chalice, and the prize of the pilgrim is his pilgrimage and all what lies within a hero is simply his own valor.
Do not seek a whole personality by itself but rather seek a feature, a trait. and pave the road on from then to acquire such. Seek it with all your heart yet not seek to become a mirror of someone you saw, just remember only then can you be you.
Only then can you find the way between the one you must be and the one you are.