Because we are fighting with time.
you should make the best of it; I found a good way to do so.
I will post something I will learn every day.
There is always something to learn…



A wealthy Life lies in a healthy Heart  and a heart’s health is Love

 Every day that passes, we grow up a little bit to be the ones we’re destined to be. We collide into each other, and impact each other, sometimes we hurt each other, sometimes we inspire each other, for sure we always teach other… yet the most deep of all interactions that takes place is the Love we pay each other.

For oceans will fail, people will die, the history will be changed and the most valuable things that you will carry inside of your heart  are the memories of those you loved, those who loved you along the way. all other memories will fade or suppressed by your own mind, only strong memories are the ones of Love.

and even in the present time, only the Love you pay will be deep enough to change others or yourself. No lessons, no exercises, no counsel will change the way you perceive the world as deep as Love will do.

Appreciate Love, reflect, absorb it not yet reflect it. Let it show itself, contemplate itself into the aura of your existence. It is the only unending wealth you will ever have, once you realize the deepest of it, it will flourish endlessly. You will always find & be overflown with Love, and after all “Who, being loved, is poor?” ― Oscar Wilde.