Because we are fighting with time.
you should make the best of it; I found a good way to do so.
I will post something I will learn every day.
There is always something to learn…


Cut out all the complexities

You may end up through the day into one of the most complex situations you’re strangled in. You cannot know what to exactly. You do not know how to summarize it, so many factors, so many motives, so many thoughts and feelings which will always lead to insecurities and depression.

Complexities are one of the consequences of communication. It will always happen; so it is natural since the nature of the world is injected with a little evil, so we can safely assume it is natural, yet how can we manage to treat it at all costs?

First of all; step back, have a little time with yourself to meditate, recuperate & recapture your thoughts into one single stream of ordered ones. Think deeply…Restate within your consciousness the purpose of your existence & your message. Think of what you do need most in this particular situation, think of how it will affect the goals you’ve set through this day or this time of your life.
If all of the situation shall affect you in a good way, & you think it is necessary to go through all this for your purpose then go along… fight and strive for it, have patience..
If it affects you in a bad way then it’s better to avoid it by all means  & if you can not it is better to stand still & let it all pass without any action you give. & if you are asked to act then act by the laws of your purpose & your message minimally.
If it affects you not nor the ones you hold dear then it is better to leave away & cut it out and run mentally & emotionally.
For all complexities shall drive much more ones… It will never end… & in the end it ruins lives, some may be able to reconstruct theirs and some may not.

Remember to run out of all the circles of complexities, for complexity is evil reborn into a vaguer image.
Stay deep and simple.