Maxims to live by; collected throughout year 2011 from books, speeches, even movies or just written by me, that I can stick to in 2012.

12#1-God is the perfect poet.
12#2-Put out into deep oceans of God.
12#3-To be an expert you should always be a student.
12#4-you shall fall in love with everyone you see.
12#5-Nothing deserves to be cried for & nothing deserves less than your smile.
12#6-you won’t cry when someone leaves me unless you cry for their lose.
12#7-It’s great that God made you yourself & made you his own.
12#8-The real meaning of you is to provide meaning.
12#9-You are something God won’t create again just like everyone else.
12#10-The truest aim you should search for lies within you,To be suffused in God & have God within you.
12#11-Each moment worth to be enjoyed even moments of pain.
12#12-You won’t think how bad it gets for you get the best for you.
12#13-You’d rather be solitary than being ordinary.
12#14-You shall give everything to have everything.
12#15-You’re God’s best work of art & so you shall live.
12#16-Your soul has no limits.
12#17-You are your own teacher & you are your own master.
12#18-Do not fear to feel pain; to feel is to be alive, even if it hurts.
12#19-To win is to be a winner, to be a winner is to feel like a winner, even if you lose.
12#20-It takes less than death to kill a man.
12#21-It doesn’t matter what you’re doing what matters most is who you’re being.
12#22-To teach is to put a part of you in someone else.
12#23-To live is to teach teachers, to live is to teach in the school of life.
12#24-God is the perfect Artist; let him shape his work of Art.
12#25-You shall be the miracle of their world, & make of others the miracle of yours.
12#26-Hope for the best & expect the worst.
12#27-Act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.
12#28-The ultimate reason why you pray is that you want God & not only from God.
12#29-Remember who you are, you are God’s son, you are Love.
12#30-History won’t just speak mere words of you cause you do write it.
12#31-You are the only one who can change your own world, none would change it for you.
12#32-Beauty lies within the eyes of the one who can see it.
12#33-Only the eye who knows what darkness is knows how precious the light is.
12#34-One time God will open a door you thought in despair that it wasn’t created with a key.
12#35-Have the courage to see no shores to sail in life forever.
12#36-You are not a human being, inhumane acts are only made by human beings; you are God’s son..