Maxims to live by; collected throughout year 2012 from books, speeches, even movies or just written by me, that I can stick to in 2013.

13#1-I am my poet’s poet & I am my poet’s poem.
13#2-Depth means widening your perspective beyond your abilities.
13#3-God is your only share & inheritance.
13#4-Only in his house the prophet is without honor.
13#5-Overlapping any of the three levels of existence (Mental, Emotional, Spiritual) with another will lead to ruin.
13#6-Prayer is being happy in living a way all between just you & God.
13#7-Get lost in Love rather than feelings, feelings rather than thoughts, etc…
13#8-Do it all one step at a time.
13#9-Wants & needs will fight forever but rest in God.
13#10-Forgetting is always healthy except for Love.
13#11-Impact, is when you offer a portion of your Love to everyone every day.
13#12-Pause every fragment & taste it different.
13#13-Die to access a deeper life… Die of the living to live more.
13#14-Work hard to get God hidden within you as much as you hide yourself in poems.
13#15-Being alive is being a patient, choose to be a perfect patient of Love.
13#16-In a world of reflections; Love is the source of the reflections.
13#17-Get so troubled by knowing one thing, which is that you know nothing.
13#18-You only deserve everything if you can let go of everything.
13#19-A beautiful eye comes out of a sacred heart… A sensitive Sacred Heart.
13#20-Visualize daily one thing you can change & always interpret & rephrase thoughts.
13#21-Your time is the perfect gift; offer it only to those who show you sincere Love.
13#22-Love, Depth, & Service are what matters most…
13#23-Pain is only a state of mind…Just like a trait… live it, own it, & make peace with it.
13#24-For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
13#25-No need to regret or run from your past; your past is in the same book as your History.
13#26-Commit to every action in the journey till it’s perfectly done.
13#27-To be Happy is to be distressed but fighting it with all your might…
13#28-God shares the worries as much as you let him… Share it all.
13#29-Everything that happens, has a spiritual significance; chance is the shore of the ocean.
13#30-No matter how much your wit is, Don’t argue negative thoughts, They have better experience.
13#31-Your are all the motivation that you need if you rephrased what you do into something you love.
13#32-Peace is when God’s will, your needs & your wants are on the same line.
13#33-Music is there & will always be there, & only who listens to it seeks to perfection.
13#34-Future is only a fragment of a second away… not beyond that!!!
13#35-Everything within you & everything around you are all connected.
13#36-Beauty at its deepest is the truth, magic, pain & Love at the same time.