Maxims to live by; collected throughout year 2013 from books, speeches, even movies or just written by me, that I can stick to in 2014.

14#1-“Yet I am always with you;” Ps 73:23
14#2-Live as if your maxim of your actions were to become a divine law.
14#3-The eternal heavens above me, & the inner eternal within me.
14#4-Live deep & suck out all the marrow of life.
14#5-What you do in Life, echoes an eternity.
14#6-Whatever your h& finds to do, do it with all your might.
14#7-Always be clothed in white, & always anoint your head with oil.
14#8-Better the end of a thing that the beginning thereof.
14#9-Serenity can lay much an error to rest.
14#10-Out of necessity, all what is being, is being.
14#11-By no means human is a means in itself but rather also an end always.
14#12-Sorrow is best to be resolved into action.
14#13-My time is my only money, trove & currency.
14#14-The thing in itself is not the thing to you.
14#15-As silent as God shall you be; as silent but resonant as God.
14#16-The engineer of all things is wisdom, seek it with all your soul being bent on it.
14#17-Integrity is immortal; & in accordance all what goodness takes
14#18-The way to eminence –Transcendence- is to teach yourself how to teach yourself.
14#19-May the address of each day be to find a time for God, with God, By God.
14#20-The truth is untold, unheard, unseen… the truth is a life in itself, you only can live it.
14#21-May God be the alpha & the beta of whatsoever I do.
14#22-Anointed was I born of soul & flesh in the universe to be a universe.
14#23-All what I learn I should rehearse… Always.
14#24-Wonder, joy, fun, warmth, imagination, honor, & beliefs are integrative.
14#25-All what has life within itself, is a reflection of all what God is.
14#26-Rush is the easiest but the worst…of all routes.
14#27-All the world is collapsing, until the deed is done.
14#28-When you talk, talk of what you know better than anything else, otherwise do not.
14#29-Transcendence is only imminent out of time, & only now.
14#30-Try not, do or do not.
14#31-Hate not, for your hate stems from all the intolerance to difference.
14#32-Consider all resources as remedies, pathways to transcendence.
14#33-Our darkest iniquities are the most luminous virtues in Love & will.
14#34-The enemy is ever watchful for imprudence yet God’s hands are as vigil as you let them.
14#35-The light of the divine knowledge is all what knowledge can be.
14#36-When all your light fades, wait for no sun, search the beacons of light within you & you will harness a sun yourself.