Maxims to live by; collected throughout year 2014 from books, speeches, even movies or just written by me, that I can stick to in 2015.

15#1-The victor shall inherit all things.
15#2-Keep the works until the end.
15#3-Always keep feeding your own soul.
15#4-If you want peace, be prepared for war.
15#5-Unitive thinking of everything is the most transcendent.
15#6-Register less on an emotional level…Taste it deep yet register as less as possible.
15#7- One fully learnt skill shall lead to another.
15#8-Practice is the perfect hobby.
15#9-A well structured purpose is the key to reach a destination worth reaching.
15#10-Always make an original product.
15#11-Always make something you’re more likely to use.
15#12-Condemn yourself, always rather than punishing it.
15#13-Detact your mold out of the surrounding environment.
15#14-Spread, improvise & collaborate on your knowledge to prevail.
15#15-Always keep a sharp & vigil eye to all what is loose.
15#16-Sense the divine essence and prostrate to it in spirit Always.
15#17-Submit to God’s Love-Knowledge rather than submitting God’s knowledge to study.
15#18-Rejoice into the divine wisdom and you shall be victor.
15#19-Strengthen the pillars of your faith continuously for it will always be put to the test.
15#20-Seek to know and grasp of knowledge as much as can be.
15#21-Speak of all unready thoughts never before you forge them.
15#22-Confine yourself into the divine that your entity needs people no more.
15#23-Always choose the honest, the firm, the keen over the smart, the witty & the fast.
15#24-The more things you attach to yourself, the less you are.
15#25-Pursuit the knowledge of God alongside the knowledge of yourself.
15#26-Do not give of the grace given to you without asking for much much more.
15#27-Always stay as busy as you can be…never be idle.
15#28-Sin’s most harm is the waste of time…& vice versa.
15#29-Not all those who wander are lost.
15#30-Help is always given from the divine, to you or through you.
15#31-You conjure your own curses & invoke your own blessings.
15#32-Always lookout for the stream of your thoughts.
15#33-Always observe everything, deduce & register on a mental level & meditate upon it later.
15#34-Deprive your flesh of rest, to an extend that your spirit shall find it.
15#35-No day shall pass without a piece of wisdom read.
15#36-To achieve pureness, do not seek being fresh, but seek being ardently igniting for always.