We always in our rush forget about everything…We look at things we cannot see & we hear sounds we cannot listen to. Into everyday stream of conversations and arguments we fall endlessly helpless into all of scenario like puppets without acting…

It is always good every morning before you step to work, before you go for college or school. Remind yourself of the things you have & the things you do. Focus on your incomes and outcomes to the world. You will always find that you’ve been given much more than you can give. Remember the care of others, the smile you have seen every time you asked for something from someone close. Even the food you eat; it has just been processed much times just for you to have.. It’s physics…you can’t do anything about it. This world moves from raw constant conservative energy of the sun into more of a diffracted diffused energy and it’s us. We all take a portion of this & yet we produce so little. Focus on your role, be a change. Do not search to be stronger or smarter or just better. Always add the value to it. Work on a role to do for the world. Work on an aim.

Remember, you do not only have a price, you have a value.