Because we are fighting with time.
you should make the best of it; I found a good way to do so.
I will post something I will learn every day.
There is always something to learn…


Condemn yourself rather than punishing it

So much times we find ourselves going the wrong way. We realize that this is not the Life we wanted to have. We know that at first we started by something beautiful, we wanted beautiful things, beautiful goals & beautiful views. But we start a little fragile than needed, so we make compromises, one after another, choice after choice & action after action till you find yourself someone you never meant to be. May be you were a little more vigil that you find yourself taken two or few wrong paths. But then, what should be done?

Most probably the image of your personality is somehow shattered. Most probably you are filled by guilt & pain that you walked a track you never meant to step upon. But be certain, this is substantially healthy in the process of self-growth. You need to make mistakes, you need to taste how bitter is failure to truly value the sweetness of victory. Every fall is a step in time. Every step is a state of change, all the universe is moving, & you are the most miniature, the most compact example of a universe aware of its own existence.

Every mistake you make is a state. Reward yourself by the knowledge that you have known in this state. Accept the feeling of guilt & shame you’ve been through. Accept the reward for the reward itself is your awareness of your faults, your points of failure.

For your awareness is your only reward.

Once you condemn yourself for the right reason.

You are aware of it. You embrace it as a guideline towards the future success. Rather than just punishing yourself by the constant debris out of the mental fighting you lead against your failure.

Condemn yourself & move forward…

Rather than punishing yourself.