In stillness, you will teach yourself to detach your emotions out of your past & so your future.

You have been tricked by emotional remembrance. You were bred to recognize patterns, but not emotions. This is why human beings chance of survival is substantial along the history of the world…

Humans were meant to register situations on a mental level, not on an emotional one. Emotional remembrance tricks your brain into forming new memories… ones that have not occurred in the first place.

Learn to detach yourself out of the emotion not the scene. For the scene is to be remembered.

Let the emotions come out of the raw memory as you remember it. & live the emotion as deep as possible & then detach yourself out of it. Let the emotion have now & only now & breathe it deeply now & then leave it.
This way you enhance your survival.

So, to write it better; Detach yourself out of your past’s & future’s emotions.