Maxims to live by; collected throughout year 2015 from books, speeches, even movies or just written by me, that I can stick to in 2016.

16#1-The Journey is the firstborn of all creation.
16#2-Creation is the manifestation of the creator into being.
16#3-He who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are all of one.
16#4-The deepest of all spiritual pleasures is the gift of enjoying all creation.
16#5-The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
16#6-Your vision is your imprint on the world.
16#7-Your goal is to make your imprint as versatile, as true and as everlasting as can be.
16#8-Your imprint… your gaze is all what will be left of you for you in the world.
16#9-You only have two true currencies, the time you have & what you induce within the world. Success is to trade the former for the later as much as you can.
16#10-You are not a drop in the Ocean. You are the entire Ocean in a drop.
16#11-All waves, tides, streams, rivers, & seas are interconnected through the oceans. They exist not as a separate entity but as an Ocean in motion.
16#12-& waves are never streams as much as the streams can never be waves, therefore choose and conform to the form of energy of the Ocean that you take.
16#13-Therefore, be water; water is shapeless, formless, it can flow or crash… it’s an ocean in motion.
16#14-Nothing is as deep as one’s own self, therefore what you utter inwards induces outwards.
16#15-If the soul is about to know itself. It must gaze into the soul wide enough to see the soul gaze back.
16#16-& if the soul is determined to fend itself. It must keep the gaze as deep and wide for itself to see itself.
16#17-For the soul that can reflect upon itself, consider itself, is more than so… For it has discovered the Ocean within.
16#18-If your blessing is a wider gaze then your curse will be all what you’ll see.
16#19-Struggle against being a grave to your own thoughts.
16#20-Bestow upon yourself the gift of being true for only truth can set you free.
16#21-The gift of Life is yours to take as much as it is yours to give.
16#22-Death is the gift of Men. For only that we stay so little that we’re divine so much.
16#23-Experiences recur as much as you can learn out of them.
16#24-The choices you make, will make the future you.
16#25-The thing to you is what you chose it to be… (The Observer’s effect)
16#26-To others, you are the light that you project & shine through not the picture of you.
16#27-That peace we’re after is beyond the physical… beyond the metaphorical & the lyrical.
16#28-Therefore, the most practical purpose is to achieve the impossible out of the universe.
16#29-& as you point out to the destination keep your eyes to the destination not to your finger.
16#30-No man is an island, entire of itself.
16#31-When your success thrives, people will present their best selves to you.
16#32-Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail.
16#33-Forgive yourself rather than forgetting it.
16#34-In the process of self-discovery.. The most sacred is the question.. a good question never yields an answer only but also the birth of another question.
16#35-Never touch the same thing twice.
16#36- The bravest to fight are those whose armor’s within.