I am so ripped out of my ribs,
So wiped out of my very presence,
Drifted through thousand tidal rips,
& though they can’t efface your essence,
Perhaps, if once Eras collapse,
Perhaps, I’ll see once more thy visage,
Or, live an unending relapse,
& lay beside my own heart’s wreckage,
& lay beside…those wounds inside,
& watch my feelings when collide;
As you leave in my winter’s rains,
& walk away out of my veins,
& walk away out of my ravage,
My winter rouses, as you depart,
Will winter stay more than one day,
Your winters triturate my heart,
& paint my world in black & gray,
In words, my tears still cannot say,
In words, that breaks the stones apart.
Without a glimpse in those eyes,
Who beg for a sip of a last goodbye,
For peace that forsake all my skies,
Where eyes may hug, & speak, sigh,
Where eyes breeds the vaguest goodbyes.
I watch the shades, of your frail arms,
Those arms once drew my spring’s Clime,
Now wails throngs my heart in swarms,
As your arms fade, in shades of time,
As you leave through the winter’s downpour,
In rains that fall like laments would rhyme,
You go forth all our days of yore,
You go forth leaving all my yearning…
All my burnings stray wayward,
Leaving -a rabble of regrets- bare,
Of moments of so senseless spurning,
Scrambled -all those regrets- windward,
As you fade in absence eclipse,
Since you’re drained out of all my veins,
So flayed alive by lonesome whips,
With each flay, your memory remains,
With each flay, I’m ripped off my ribs;
With each flay I bleed endless strains,
They fall as you move on… like rains…