Before my time, I found my essence. Before my time I found you,
Before love chose to wake.
O’ me, my essence, O’ my quintessence. I’ve searched severely around you.
A worthwhile—such an ache.

Before your time, a transient lands… a whimsical lands were my times.
As barren & hollow as hell.
O’ me my strand, O’ my wonderland. O’ my everlasting climes.
That which no song can tell.

Before my time, I’ve wandered deep. Unceasing was my search—unbound.
Under what Men called “Skies”.
Before my soul could taste no sleep. My trace was true and sound.
That was thy starry eyes.

Before your time, false were my rhymes… so fragile, so insincere.
Just vacant words to flaunt.
But in the inmost Love, my Love have turned a hermit so austere.
Or a sinner if thou want.

Before my time, O’ stranger you, to whom I—me a love-lorn—I long.
& in longing thoughts are one.
The thoughts you think in prose are my poetry, my rhythms, & my song.
& in longing our hearts are spun.

Before your time, my heart could beat…so inconsistent & incomplete.
Before our beatings were fused.
Back then Times never looked true. & Love never seemed so sweet.
& souls were meant to get bruised.

Before my time, I roamed oceans & lost my purpose & lost my ways.
I sought what was never there.
O Moon of moons. O Star of stars, O Night of nights, O Day of days.
Thou kept me vivid & dare.

Before my time & yours, we were one . & that’s all what I know.
As we’ll be once we die.
O’ me, my second-self, Until our first foreseen “Hello”.
I bid you now goodbye.