Between the lashes of your eyes,
You captured Love wildly;
You spawned the doors of trust.
You paved the hells of lust,
and approached my heart childly.

That when — into the darkest hour
— you bloomed out of my barren earth,
auguring that everlasting spring.
That age of ceaseless worshipping,
a ceaseless glow, and flow, and birth,
a ceaseless blossoming of the flower.

Into my heart, I become out my unbecoming;
Out of nought, I return to being,
Out of the absurd to meaning,
& up to the timeless imminent forthcoming.
I lead a life by your heart out of your fiery lips
Into all my purpose fullness,
Forgetting all the sins & slips,
Forgetting all forgetfulness.
Unto the quintessence of quintessence,
That fills the deepest of your essence.
That feeds the lushness of your lips.
— escaping the lashes of your eyes,
To approach my heart childly;
To capture Love wildly.