There was a whisper, a silent whisper, that there will be no more death in this world.
That the voice of absence will diminish and the reigns of leaving will be conquered.
That silence shall rule the lands of departing and the waves of weeping shall dry in fear.

There was a whisper of a promise, spoken of to the hermits; those who have seen Love & survived, to the Artists and speakers of old, to the inmates of the most suffering, to the most humane human beings.

That whisper — every whisper was the trace of our passage unto being.
That whisper was Art, Life, Love.
That whisper was becoming all instead of being you.
That deep whisper was the core of all religions.
To forget about your face, your identity, your fingerprint, your image.
To leave away all what you are and step unto what you can be.
To transcend being, unto becoming.
This way; you become always greater than your suffering.
This way;
you grow.