Into the unravelings of God,
I have seen you unfold;
I have known you as told.
Much as I right now know.
You should now somehow go.
You should just somehow leave.
Much as God disappears.
Where there's no doubts, or fears,
or pain, or disbelief.
But pray remember
of my nature, & my voice,
& my writings, & my tidings.
As I bear you wonder,
awe, & splendor,
bliss, & rapture — to rejoice
into the unravelings of God;
Into thine skin, & bones, & blood.
As slowly you resurface,
and slowly reappear
in my contemplative pause.
I deeply know you're here!
Nearer from nearest near.
Turning with your contours
my prime purpose & cause:
To see the colours of your soul.
& seek my utter cures,
in the innards of yours,
That which in awe I stroll;
In the foldings of your heart,
That unravel to dawns of lilac.
& in crimson peach it does crack.
Of sweetest tips of unseen lips,
That breaks the truth apart.

Into the unravelings of God,
That which I deeply touch
within thine arching tides
— in a hiss of Love as much.
The heart in me divides,
into thousands of hugs.
& in the heat they bud
kisses as strong as drugs.
and I know you by the instant:
as soft, as lush, as tender,
as unruly, as persistent,
as much as sweet, and slender.
A woman! unraveled indeed,
In whom, is no deceit;
As bittersweet as wine
& yet unravels divine!